Knowhere App: Connect with Friends Nearby

Find out who's around and what there is to do.  Download Knowhere to see who's nearby and to discover great places in your neighborhood recommended by your friends.

Knowhere is a privacy-first proximity-based social app for you and your circle.  It’s the ultimate destination to store the places you love and discover what your friends recommend in your area.

Putting your privacy first, Knowhere uses your general proximity, never your exact location, to let you know when friends are nearby or have plans to be in your area.  When your circles overlap, you can chat with nearby friends and plan to meet up.  Knowhere also lets you know when great things to do and see as recommended by your friends are nearby.  You can create spots by saving specific locations or areas you’d like to remember or share with your friends.  Use the travel feature to enter future travel plans and discover overlaps with friends, revealing plans to be in the same area at the same time.

Set up your profile, add friends & spots, and pinch and zoom to adjust your radius to set your circle and see who’s around you.  Once your circle overlaps with a friend’s, send them a message.

Customize your radius so Knowhere can let you know you when friends are nearby and which spots are in your area. You can expand your radius up to 60 miles and set to zero to turn off visibility.  Chat with friends in your circle and arrange to meet up locally.

We’ve created a platform that actually drives more in-person interaction with your closest friends.  Knowhere is changing the way friends connect.  We hope you enjoy the discovery that awaits.